liblo  0.29
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lo_osc_types.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  lo_timetag
 A structure to store OSC TimeTag values. More...
union  lo_arg
 Union used to read values from incoming messages. More...


#define LO_TT_IMMEDIATE   ((lo_timetag){0U,1U})
 A timetag constant representing "now". More...


enum  lo_element_type { LO_ELEMENT_MESSAGE = 1, LO_ELEMENT_BUNDLE = 2 }
 An enumeration of bundle element types liblo can handle. More...
enum  lo_type {
  LO_INT32 = 'i', LO_FLOAT = 'f', LO_STRING = 's', LO_BLOB = 'b',
  LO_INT64 = 'h', LO_TIMETAG = 't', LO_DOUBLE = 'd', LO_SYMBOL = 'S',
  LO_CHAR = 'c', LO_MIDI = 'm', LO_TRUE = 'T', LO_FALSE = 'F',
 An enumeration of the OSC types liblo can send and receive. More...

Detailed Description

A liblo header defining OSC-related types and constants.

Definition in file lo_osc_types.h.